Top Ten Missing Items in your Tax Documents

By Sharon Westhoven, CPA

Tax Supervisor at Atchley & Associates, LLP

10. You had a new baby – Congratulations!

We’ll need his/her full name, birthdate and social security number.

9. Your email got hacked and you changed your email

We all use email on a regular basis. Make sure we have the best email for you and your spouse.

8. You bought (and/or sold) your house – Fantastic!

Now we need the HUD-1, otherwise known as your closing statement. Hopefully you didn’t pack it up in one of those boxes before you moved. And your new address is??

7. You generously donated your vehicle to Goodwill

Make sure the charity issues you a 1098-C showing how much they received on the sale of the vehicle.

6. Your company is doing well – prices are up – so you sold stock options this year

You should have received a stack of forms showing prices and taxes withheld right after it happened – and of course you put them in a very safe place. Now’s the time to dust them off and add them to your tax information. BTW, if you exercised (ISO) options and held the stock, ALERT!!! This could trigger additional taxes (AMT) – Call us!

5. A close relative passed away and you are named executor of the estate

OMG – that’s for another blog… plase come in and let’s talk about it.

4. You had identity theft this year

Again, the topic for another blog… if you were issued a PIN from the IRS, make sure to include the postcard with your PIN (and your spouse’s).

3. You broker had a hot new investment. Now you have these funny looking forms called K-1’s and pages of instructions

DON’T throw them away – they’re as important as your W-2! Make sure we get ALL the pages and how much you paid for it.

2. You decided to start a business with your _______ (friend, brother, cousin…) and they are taking care of the taxes

Whoa! You might have K-1’s coming your way. Review #3 and call us!

and the number 1, most forgotten item in your tax documents is…

1. The January 15th Estimated tax payment!

Remember, we are here to help. Sometimes changes are BIG (birth, marriage, divorce, death) and other times LITTLE (new cell phone number). Having this information at the start of your return process enables us to provide comprehensive and efficient service to you this year and for years to come.

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