Employee Spotlight | March 2016

Atchley & Associates, LLP is spotlighting one employee each month.


Lisa joined our team a year ago and we have been delighted to have her as part of our team.

Fave aspect of her job: Staff and clients, especially from the nonprofit sector.

What surprised her when joining A&A: “I was very surprised by the amount of grace and flexibility that is extended to employees. It is uncommon to find in other companies the environment that A&A creates.”

Fun snippets about her:


Young Lisa thought she would become a lawyer but coincidentally one of her attorney neighbors convinced her otherwise (thank you neighbor!)


She stays up to date on Austin’s latest info with IMPACT newspaper, or you might find her reading articles from Country Living magazine.


If you want to complete her reading material with a drink, drive thru a Starbucks and get her a Hazelnut Latte.


And if she wasn’t an auditor at heart, and had the voice, she would want to be Carrie Underwood for a day!

Fave motto: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Thanks Lisa for being part of our team and for working as hard as you do. We appreciate you!

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