Let’s Celebrate IT!

LianaEllison - Copy.jpg By Liana Ellison, CPA

Tax/Accounting Services Supervisor at Atchley & Associates, LLP


What is “IT”, you ask? Well, at Atchley & Associates, LLP, “IT” can be anything, such as a new client, a birthday, a volunteer team or a sponsored event. We love to celebrate. In our business, people mean everything to us including our clients, our community, our employees and our families so any time we can celebrate these folks, we do it. Atchley & Associates, LLP strives to celebrate the wins, the accomplishments and the successes right alongside these people, because when we do, we know it shifts our focus and changes our culture for the better.

I have been with Atchley & Associates, LLP since September of 2015 and in ten short months I have been amazed at the ways we choose to celebrate. We are known for providing outstanding technical services, and I believe that I work among the smartest people in our industry. I especially love that we do so much to honor, recognize, validate and celebrate with our “people”.

Below are some examples of the “IT”s we have celebrated in those ten short months:

Community and Client Celebrations

  • Our Community Task Force volunteers for Umlauf Sculpture Garden, Settlement Home Garage Sale, Safe Place Christmas sponsor and It’s My Park Day
  • We are a sponsor for the Austin Forum on Technology and Society
  • We partnered with Mission Capital Party for Good Sponsor
  • We provided a scholarship to a Lanier High School
  • We were an event sponsor for the Austin Child Guidance Center
  • We were a sponsor and recipient of the Ethics in Business and Community award
  • We were an event sponsor for the Austin CPA Chapter awards banquet
  • At our annual retreat, our entire firm volunteered at Central Texas Food Bank
  • We held a discover session meeting with Digital Union to tie our profits to purpose
  • We celebrated each new client
  • We provided pro-bono work for some smaller non-profits


Employee Celebrations

  • We give Kudos at monthly staff meetings
  • We have an “Employee Spotlight of the Month”
  • We toasted to an awesome New Year, passing of CPA Exams, birthdays, weddings, and new babies
  • We celebrated the end of tax season with a happy hour, a bowling tournament in the spring and ping pong tournament in the fall
  • We loved dressing up and celebrating Halloween together
  • We celebrated our families and invited them to work for a day for Thanksgiving
  • We celebrated together with a lovely meal for a Holiday luncheon
  • We celebrated Karen Atchley on being a finalist for the 2016 Women’s Way Awards
  • We celebrated the year-over-year growth and milestones at our Annual Retreat
  • We even celebrated National Beer Day!

It’s hard to pinpoint a sole celebration that made the biggest impact on me, but recently we celebrated the fact that we provided a scholarship to a young high school student, who will be the first person in her family (meaning parents, grandparents and anyone else before her) to attend college.  She will attend nursing school this fall at The University of Texas in Austin. I celebrate that this contribution by Atchley & Associates, LLP will pay dividends in her life for years to come.


Celebrating these “ITs” is in our DNA—it is part of our culture and makes us who we are. This commitment to celebrating keeps our employees engaged and proud to be part of a firm that understands the value in celebrating.   You might ask, is it too much? And my response would be an overwhelming “No!”  If you want a successful organization, recognize, reward, honor, value and celebrate with your “people.” Celebrate what you want to see more of.  It will change the way you connect with the people in your life in a positive and meaningful way.